Adult Art Classes

Adult Art Classes

Due to Covid 19 we are offering limited classes for now. Masks are required at all times.

Whether you think of yourself as the next famous modern artist or you’ve never picked up a paintbrush or drawing pen before, we have an art class for you! With various design choices and mediums, we offer art classes for all skill levels! 

Take a look at our calendar to view our art class schedule. We would be happy to arrange a private party for you, or we welcome you at any event at our studio when your inspiration strikes.

Reach out now to reserve your spot in our next class. We’ll see you soon. Keep reading to learn about the art classes that we offer for adults! 



 Adults Art Classes (In Person)

Wednesday 11:00am-1:00pm

Starting September 16th 2020, classes are by appointments only and are session classes!

Rate is $75 per class (2 hours) Sign up is for 4 classes at a time.

(For other morning or weekend classes please email directly)

Painting and Mixed Media Class

In this course, different materials and techniques will be demonstrates, including: painting, layering, collaging, texturizing and more. We will take you on a journey that will unleash your inner artist, providing an introduction to the materials and techniques used in acrylic painting and Mixed media. Artists will leave with a masterpiece of their own making.

Week 1: Collaging techniques

Week 2: Collaging and Texturizing

Week 3: Image Transfer and Applying Texture

Week 4: Block Painting

Introduction to Painting (Intermediate Level Course) Not offered now

In this course, the instructor will help you hone in on your current art skills as an advanced beginner. We will experiment with different paint mediums to figure out which one you feel comfortable with. Reference paintings will be determined by the student, and artists will leave with their own masterpiece.

Day 1: Experimenting with different paints (gouache, watercolor, etc.)

Day 2: Advanced brush techniques (fan brushes, flat brushes, sponge brushes, etc.)

Day 3: Tracing objects inside painting

Day 4: Different mixing mediums, glazing, and signing

Introduction to Drawing and Composition (Beginner Level Course) Not offered now

In this course, the instructor takes you through all of the concepts and materials you will need in order to get started with drawing. We will cover perspective, values, edges, shading techniques and proportions.

Day 1: Composition (boxes, cups, etc)

Day 2: Lighting and shadows

Day 3: Perspective (everyday objects, rule of thirds)

Day 4: Focal points

Introduction to Drawing and Composition (Intermediate Level Course) Not offered now

In this course, artists will be learning more intermediate skills. On top of what is covered in the first course of drawing and composition (perspective, values, edges, shading techniques, and proportions), we will dive deeper, drawing more challenging objects such as landscapes, bodies, clothes, etc. while also learning about drawing texture.

Day 1: Composition (shoes, clothes, bodies)

Day 2: Lighting and shadows

Day 3: Perspective (everyday objects, landscapes, rule of thirds)

Day 4: Texture

Open Studio (With Instructions)Not offered now

Artists have the freedom to bring in any project they are working on to our studio and ask for assistance from Yasmeen. Materials will not be provided, only one-on-one guidance for any challenging areas of your project. All skill levels welcome!

Interested in seeing what past students have created in our adult art classes? View our gallery! Additionally, if you have any questions or would like to book your course, contact us today!