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Five Tips for Finding Your Inspiration

Paint Samples

Those who are new to creating art often wonder what they are going to paint or draw. They often stress to the point that they try too hard and may even miss out on developing the skills in the first place. Finding your art inspiration does not have to be work, and sometimes finding your…

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Why You Need a Creative Outlet

The positive impact of art cannot be denied. It makes life in Los Angeles, CA more colorful and expressive, which is why having a creative outlet is essential to enhancing quality of life. Whether you paint, sew or grow exotic succulents to arrange in planters, finding your own creative expression will be a journey worth…

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How Morning Painting Can Benefit the Brain

Whether you’ve painted before or are considering taking up the hobby, painting offers more benefits than just relaxation and a creative outlet. Painting can be a way to unwind, but it also has significant brain and health benefits that will keep both your mind and body sharp,regardless of your age. We particularly love painting in…

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