Why You Need a Creative Outlet

The positive impact of art cannot be denied. It makes life in Los Angeles, CA more colorful and expressive, which is why having a creative outlet is essential to enhancing quality of life. Whether you paint, sew or grow exotic succulents to arrange in planters, finding your own creative expression will be a journey worth pursuing. Here are five reasons why you should make sure you have a creative outlet:

  • Time to yourself: Workplaces embrace open floor plans more frequently, and crowded public transportation will always remind you that you are not alone. At home, you may have children or a needy spouse constantly breaking into your “me time.” Time to ourselves is proven to improve mood and reduce the pressures that surround us. Even though an art class includes many people, everyone is focused on their work and there are no obligations to interact or socialize. This can be the brain-clearing alone time you need.
  • Reduced anxiety and stress: Everyone faces stress, but problems arise when it has nowhere else to go except to marinate in your mind. Creating art allows you to focus on something else with the same intensity and give your mind a break. Also, doing something you enjoy reduces stress hormones and lowers blood pressure. Controlling negative thoughts not only keeps you from obsessing about the bad in life, but is also good for your physical health. People with creative outlets suffer fewer stress-related illnesses.
  • Improved self-expression: You may be going through a period of anger or grief and are having a hard time putting the feelings into words. Art can allow you to express those feelings in a harmless way and sort through them better. Once you complete that process, you will likely find the feelings have less impact. Even when you are happy, creation enhances that happiness and allows it to solidify. This allows you to better manage your emotions while also finding new and better ways to experience your positive moods.
  • Meet new people: Social isolation can be a killer. Many studies show that lonely seniors face shorter life expectancies. While you can merely focus on your art and tune out socializing, being around people still has a positive effect—especially when you are all focused on creating art together. This is a great way to get away from being attached to your mobile devices and experience the world firsthand while meeting people who share your interests.
  • Reduce boredom: If bad weather or poor air quality keeps you inside, Netflix can start to get a bit old. You can only binge so many shows before you feel restless and bored. When you develop a creative outlet, you can take that hobby home with you. That way, if you are stuck indoors, you have something enjoyable to do.

The Artsy Backyard knows having a creative outlet makes a big difference in the lives of both adults and children in Los Angeles, CA. We offer classes, workshops and private parties to help you experience the positive impact of art. Check out our class offerings and reserve your spot now.