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Five Tips for Finding Your Inspiration

Those who are new to creating art often wonder what they are going to paint or draw. They often stress to the point that they try too hard and may even miss out on developing the skills in the first place. Finding your art inspiration does not have to be work, and sometimes finding your art muse is just a matter of time and patience. If you wish to get the inspiration juices flowing in Los Angeles, CA, here are five tips:

  • Pay attention: Put down your phone and other mobile devices and look around at the world. If you are spending all your free outside time scrolling through social media, then it’s no wonder you can’t find inspiration to create. Even family spots, like your bedroom or office, can contain inspirations you have not noticed before. When you look—really look—you may notice details you never saw before and decide to expand on them. Inspiration often arises from the mundane, so learn to embrace it.
  • Take a walk: Exercise releases endorphins and allows you to leave your shell. Take a look around your neighborhood and welcome inspiration from your neighbor’s gardens and landscaping. Notice the birds singing and trees blooming. As you walk, declutter your mind and remove the roadblocks. Just as you would in familiar indoor settings, allow yourself to see beauty in the mundane.
  • Do something new: Listen to a new podcast and take wrong turns. You never know what you can find. If there is a topic that always interested you, watch online courses and learn more. Visit a museum and view art that is beyond your comfort zone. Next thing you know, you will become braver and find inspiration in these new experiences. It may even lead to you taking an art class!
  • Carry a pen and paper: If you notice something new or feel suddenly compelled to write a poem, none of this will help you if you do not remember it. That is why it is important to keep writing implements with you at all times. There is a connection between writing and memory that does not exist when you send yourself a text or type it out on a mobile app. However, if you forget your notebook, that app is better than nothing. Keep a record of what occurs to you, and who knows? That may become an art piece soon.
  • Reduce distractions: Mobile devices have been mentioned many times already, but they are not the only distraction in our modern lives. We have a seemingly endless number of streaming channels, and online games often distract us from time that could be spent learning and creating. Set aside quiet no-electronics time or even designate a spot in your home where devices are not allowed. Allow the quiet to bring ideas to the surface. Then later, turn them into art.

The Artsy Backyard is all about finding your art muse and learning some new skills in the process. Located in Los Angeles, CA, we offer classes, workshops and private parties. Get started finding your art inspiration by reaching out to us today.