Encouraging Art In Children

Gone are the days when kids used to run around, play games, read books and draw. Now all of them are hooked to their gadgets. Only the right art instructor can manage to draw them towards the arts.

All that today’s children want is their iPads, X-box, TV and iPods. It seems almost impossible to tear them away from their screens and get them to do anything else. Everything is termed dull and boring!

As parents, we have to rise to this humongous challenge and drag them towards other enjoyable and artistic activities. Take art painting for kids for instance. Painting is not just fun, but also draws out their creativity, strengthens their memory, develops problem-solving skills and also encourages them to socialize with others.

But actually getting a child to paint is another matter altogether. You may fear that your child will most likely baulk at the mere mention of a painting class. This is not unfounded either – such is the irresistible lure of an electronic screen!

This is where paint nights and paint parties enter the picture. A child who is obsessed with gadgets will still be willing to attend a one-off painting event, especially if his or her friends will be there as well. They may be unwilling to admit it even when their interest is aroused in the arts. The parent has to subtly push and prod the child to keep giving painting a go.

Here, finding the right art class can also make a lot of difference. The instructor should not goad the children or give too many directions. The trick is to allow the child to draw and paint what he wants. Give him the freedom to play around with the design and colors without interfering or asking what he is making. The intention is not to make the children into great artists, but just to let them enjoy the process, express themselves and reap the rewards therefrom. Slowly, this will nurture a deep passion for art and make them amenable to direction as well.

Ronit of The Artsy Backyard (www.artsybackyard.com) is the right source for art painting for kids. She is blessed with the patience and perseverance to slowly encourage children to explore the world of art and ultimately cultivate a love for artwork!