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A Brief Examination Of Why Your Kids Need More Art

Hello, and welcome back to The Artsy Backyard’s blog! Today, we’re going to spend some more time discussing kids and art — this time focusing on the benefits your kid(s) will experience by making more art in 2020.

At The Artsy Backyard, we know firsthand how important and liberating it is to have an artistic outlet. So without further ado, let’s talk about the benefits your kids will reap by embracing art in the new year!

The Broad Benefits Of Art For Children

It’s honestly amazing to learn about all of the different ways art can benefit us, no matter if we’re a child or an adult. However, there are so many wonderful benefits that exist throughout the different paradigms of human life. As a parent, you surely love making art with your kids because it’s a time where you get to bond, create, and express yourself with your children while helping them practice socializing. From a child’s point of view, art is a fun medium where they can experiment and explore their imaginations. This is a priceless experience that therapists and educators alike contribute to understanding things like math and writing to process the world they live in and the emotions they feel.

The point is, art is amazing. It’s worth your time. And most importantly, it’s vital for us when it comes to understanding who we are and the world that we live in. Don’t worry, though — we’ll dive into some more specific benefits below. 

Art Develops Creativity

We’ll start simple with a benefit you likely already know about — that art develops and enforces creativity in children. Truth be told, this is a thesis-level topic that we could write pages upon pages about. However, instead of doing that, we’ll give you a quick synopsis. According to the International Child Art Foundation, art is crucial to developing creativity, originality, innovation, making discoveries, and much more. The more kids undergo artistic endeavors, the more they’ll be equipped to process their thoughts, articulate their thoughts, and even challenge their perspective. Interested in learning more? Check out The International Child Art Foundation for more in-depth information.

Art Helps Socialization

For kids, it’s so important that they socialize and learn how to interact with other kids so they’re ready to navigate the world. Art is a perfect way to get kids to socialize and create bonds. It’s inevitable that when your kids make art, they’ll be sharing ideas, asking about what their peers are making, and offer suggestions. So naturally, they’ll learn about these things. However, in addition to the socialization skills art can teach them naturally, there will also be an adult there to facilitate teachable moments to introduce ideas like conflict resolution if someone’s feelings get hurt, constructive criticism when sharing and offering ideas, etc.

Neural Connections And Fine Motor Skills Are Encouraged And Developed

Because art tactilely involves all of the senses, your children will create new neural connections while they make art. The smell of the art supplies combined with the colors they see and the materials they hold will all activate their brains and help create new pathways! This goes hand-in-hand with the idea that art also helps kids develop and refine fine motor skills. From coloring inside the lines to holding a pencil or marker, your child will be actively practicing their fine motor skills, which develops them in the long run.

Art Broadens Children’s Understanding

From understanding themselves to understanding the world, art does it all. By using art regularly to express themselves, your children will have an outlet to express their emotions, thoughts, and whatever else is on their mind. As they do this more, they’re going to learn more about themselves and how they operate. Additionally, by understanding themselves through art, they’ll then be able to understand and interpret the world through art, broadening their perspectives and understanding of different perspectives, which is so important this day in age!

Art For Children And Families At The Artsy Backyard

If you live in LA and are looking for more opportunities for your children to make art and to make art with your children, stop by The Artsy Backyard. We offer a variety of different classes for kids of all ages (yes, this includes adults too!), private art parties, and much more! Follow any of the links to travel to the relevant pages, and please feel free to contact us today if you have any questions about the services we offer at our LA art studio!